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Reading and writing are my most favourite pass time.I do own a wide range of fiction books.View list

some of my writings are published in media.Details:

Read a story by me

  Hello. I'm a member of India Today Book Club which offers wide range of books at reduced prices.

I'm also a subscriber to The Readers Digest world's largest circulted magazine,
OUTLOOK-India's most exciting news weekly,
and Silicon-TimesIndia's first free IT magazine.


  Hi, Of late I'm also pratcising Photography, to begin with , it's a 35mm focus free camera,worth Rs 150 (believe it or not). Many of the snaps here are products of the same.
Apart from that I've managed to retain enough interest in music, Harmonium and Keyboard, flute (didn't expertise though).

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  Your'welcome You may contact me for any feedbacks. Feel free.
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